Star Wars: The Last Jedi Teaser

The Last Jedi trailer is finally here and boy does this look good. It confirms what we already knew, that Episode 8 will take off where 7 finished but didn’t give away too much more than that, which is definitely a good thing.  Probably the most interesting thing was Luke’s line at the end “It’s…

Trailer Time

Trailers are hard to edit, especially for short films. There’s so little time for progression within a short film that a trailer simply can’t give anything away but still has to draw in an audience. It needs to convey theme and atmosphere more than character and plot.

The Redraft

Redrafting can sometimes be an incredibly frustrating process and sometimes it can be an incredibly enjoyable one. It’s when you really start to realise if you’re idea is going to be something or nothing. It’s when you really start to figure out what you want to say with your film.

#30 Whedon, Legion, Saga, Armada

Start Play Welcome back to another episode of the Reel Film Podcast! This week we chat about Joss Whedon’s Batgirl film, the new Planet of the Apes trailer, Legion, Beauty and the Beast, Saga and Armada. The One Star Amazon Review quiz is in disarray as Rob’s integry comes under question. Thanks for tuning in and…