Draft Fourteen

Remember a few months back when I said that I thought draft 7 was going to be the one that shaped my film? ‘Draft 7 will always stick in my mind as the draft that took the film to the next level. It isn’t perfect, it needs a lot of work but it feels like…


For me, collaboration is the most exciting thing about film making. One persons ideas can be good but one persons ideas can also be limited. Writing can be a solitary art.

Trailer Time

Trailers are hard to edit, especially for short films. There’s so little time for progression within a short film that a trailer simply can’t give anything away but still has to draw in an audience. It needs to convey theme and atmosphere more than character and plot.

The Redraft

Redrafting can sometimes be an incredibly frustrating process and sometimes it can be an incredibly enjoyable one. It’s when you really start to realise if you’re idea is going to be something or nothing. It’s when you really start to figure out what you want to say with your film.


It’s an unfortunate truth, at least for me, that talking yourself up is a huge part of the film industry. When talking to people within the inner circles they constantly want to know what you’re working on next, what’s your next project, your next script, your next idea. It’s all well and good saying here’s…