Welcome to Reel Film!

We do Film, TV and comics reviews, news and other stuff!

What we’re about 

We’ll be doing reviews of new releases hopefully at least once a week. Sometimes maybe even more.

We’ll also be posting film and TV news that we find relevant and interesting (probably won’t be).

We’ll have sporadic reviews of older films we haven’t got around to seeing or just films we feel like deserve a review.

In addition to all of this we’re going to be putting together some opinion-discussion type articles on some of our favourite films and franchises.

You could get your reviews from respectable sources, but why not read them from people who have no idea what they’re talking about instead!

Our Podcast 

You can subscribe to our podcast, which is released every Wednesday or thereabouts, on iTunes by searching for the Reel Film Podcast and we’d really love it if you leave us a review too.

Help us out!

If you like what we do and want us to keep doing it then you can support us by donating a small amount of money. This helps us pay the podcasting bills and general upkeep.


Or you can shop on amazon via or associates link. Just click on this link every time you want to go to amazon and we get a little bit of money at no extra cost to you.


About our rating system

Each score out of five has two ‘modifiers’ to separate our ratings a little and to put the rating into a bit of context.






Please do ‘like’, share and give us some feedback, we’d really appreciate it!

We can be found on twitter @ReelFilm_Movies or individually over @RobJ_Hall and @blarriet and @MJHall94 


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