Draft Fourteen

Remember a few months back when I said that I thought draft 7 was going to be the one that shaped my film?

‘Draft 7 will always stick in my mind as the draft that took the film to the next level. It isn’t perfect, it needs a lot of work but it feels like this is the form that the film will take. I believe I will look back at draft 7 as the draft that pushed this film from good to great. If indeed it is great.’

Oh how wrong I was. Maybe I was being optimistic, maybe I was being naive.

My script has changed a lot since then.

Remember how I said I was cutting down? Well I did… but then I didn’t.

My script is like a big obese person trying and failing to lose weight. At first the diet is great, the script slims down to a trim size, it looks great and healthy, it’s in the best form it’s ever been. But then there’s a big juicy piece of cake, in the form of a new idea, that the script just can’t help but eat. And we kind of forgot how good cake tastes and more and more cake comes along and we stuff it all in our mouths because, well, cake is great.


Yet before we know it, we’re 25 pages again. Exactly where we didn’t want to be.

Maybe we can learn from this, however. We had success before, it doesn’t mean we can’t have success again. This time we’re better prepared, we can look on this challenge with experience. Yeah, we’ve been pushed back a bit, but we’ve had some damn good cake, and that’s great, because who doesn’t love cake? Cake’s made our lives better but it’s time to step away from the plate, appreciate everything that it’s given us, but realise that we need to cut a bit of that cake out of our lives.

Has my analogy held up? Or have I just rambled about cake?

In any case, it’s time for my script to put down the fork and get on a diet. Summer season is coming.

Watch this space. I think we’re getting there.

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