POCAST REBOOT – Reel Issues coming Friday 9th June

Hey everyone, just a quick note to let you all know that we are rebooting our podcast. We’re New 52-ing it. Marvel NOW!-ing it. It’s our Rebirth. 

Reel Issues Logo

Instead of discussing the news and reviewing films we don’t really care about each week we’re going to be tackling the real (reel) issues in film. We’re still going to be reviewing films and discussing important news but more in the context of a debate. 

Our feed is going to remain he same so if you’re already subscribed to us there’s nothing you need to do except to download our first three episodes which land on Friday 9th June. To give you a flavour of what the podcast will be here’s what our first three episodes will be focussed on. 

  1. Should La La Land have cast musical theatre actors? 
  2. What would the DCEU be like if Superman’s mother was not called Martha? 
  3. What will the DCEU learn from Wonder Woman’s success? 

Subscribe on 

iTunes – https://goo.gl/LKa2Z1 

Podbean – http://reelfilm.podbean.com



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