Going in Style – Review

Zach Braff brings a fun, feel good film with enjoyable character dynamics to the screen.

‘Going in Style’ tells the story of Joe (Michael Caine), Willie (Morgan Freeman) and Albert (Alan Arkin), three friends of over 25 years, who find themselves on difficult times and decide to do something about it. What is that something? Well… robbing a bank.

All three of them lose their pensions and Joe finds himself a victim of the American housing crisis. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. So, why rob a bank? Where does that idea come from?


While trying to sort out his mortgage with a smarmy bank manager with the most needs a punch in the face face you’ll ever see, Joe finds himself caught up in a bank robbery. From his perspective, it all seems so easy. So when things start to go incredibly wrong for himself and his friends, he decides to get them onboard for a heist. He’s got thirty days until his house gets repossessed, thirty days to learn how to rob a bank.

In terms of story, there’s not much more to add; there’s a couple of nice sub-plots but the real joy of the film comes from the interaction between the three leads. Caine, Morgan and Arkin are all great actors and it shows here. Their relationship on screen is incredibly enjoyable to watch; as Joe tries to persuade them to carry out the heist and then their inevitable inadequacy once they decide to do it. From sitting around watching The Bachelor on TV, to planning the heist, to the more emotional scenes; all three of them deliver good performances.


Does it offer many surprises? No, but it doesn’t have to. Sometimes films can just be fun and feel good and that’s exactly what ‘Going in Style’ is. It cleverly makes this unbelievable situation seem completely plausible by not taking itself too serious.

★★★☆☆ GOOD

‘Going in Style’ is a fun, energetic film full of heart and plenty of laughs. A film that can be enjoyed by everybody on a lazy Sunday.


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