Trailer Time

Trailers are hard to edit, especially for short films. There’s so little time for progression within a short film that a trailer simply can’t give anything away but still has to draw in an audience. It needs to convey theme and atmosphere more than character and plot.

As previously mentioned in my ‘Networking‘ post, self-promotion within the film industry is vital and, taking my own advice, I’m giving it a go.

As our two latest films, ‘A Father, A Daughter‘ and ‘Back to The Start‘ start their festival runs it’s time to start spreading the trailers to as many places as possible.

Editing the trailer for ‘A Father, A Daughter’ was very interesting. It’s a film that relies upon people not really knowing anything about the film but also their preconceptions of the overall theme and idea. It is also only eight minutes long, therefore a trailer couldn’t be more than 30 seconds without giving too much away. How do you convince someone that your film is worth watching in 30 seconds? How do you convince them that they’re going to see something different? Mystery is a friend to ‘A Father, A Daughter’, it needs people to not know what is happening until the very end. Therefore the trailer can’t give anything away, but still make people want to watch it? A difficult job. You, the audience, can be the judge as to whether or not the trailer succeeds.

On the other end of the scale, there’s ‘Back to The Start’ which can have a trailer that perfectly sums up the tone, style and atmosphere of the film because it basically is a 30 second version of the fifteen minute film.

Each trailer has to serve the same purpose but the way that it serves that purpose has to be very different and very specific to that film. In an age where we get four trailers per film and generally know the entire plot before the lights go down, I think a bit of mystery in a trailer is a good thing.

You can keep up to date with both ‘A Father, A Daughter’ and ‘Back to The Start’ by following St Maur Pictures on Twitter.

Get in touch with us at @ReelFilm_Movies or me personally at @MJHall94.


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