Podcast #16 Good films that we hate

Welcome to the 16th episode of the Reel Film Podcast!

In this episode we chat about the news including, directorial departures and Disney’s live action…universe? Is that a thing now?

We also chat about what we’ve done this week including some bad Netflix films and we look forward to Arrival and Nocturnal animals.

Our main topic of the week is good films that we hate, because that’s what you asked for.

Don’t blame me when it’s shit.

We’re talking Blade Runner, Titanic, Gladiator (or Troy?), Harry Potter and rom-coms. Other films too.

We also got a grand selection of listener input, so thanks for that.

AND the famous 1-Star Amazon Review Quiz makes its long awaited return!

If you want to support the show and blog you can help us out on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/ReelFilm but only if you want to.

We’ve also got an amazon associates link which means if you do your amazon shopping through this link we get a little bit of money without any extra cost to you. It’s a win win. http://amzn.to/2ed2ECY

00:00:00 Intro

00:01:17 It’s the News

00:11:49 We went to the cinema

00:19:50 Good films that we hate

01:11:00 Feedback!

01:19:42 1 Star Amazon Quiz

01: 32:00 Dark Souls and The Last of Us ‘Let’s Plays’



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