Podcast #15 Doctor Strange

Welcome to our Doctor Strange review episode!

This week our segments get mixed up as we wing the podcast with no running order.

We chat about the Logan and Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 trailers and ask how long before baby Groot gets annoying? Did Chris Pratt get fat again? and why aren’t all superhero films named after the character’s first name? Just imagine; Bruce, Peter, Steve.


We chat about one of the best original shows on TV at the moment, Westworld and one not so good, Supergirl.


We delve into Doctor Strange spoiler territory and get confused about who Mads Mikkelsen was playing and where all the Infinity Stones have got to.


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00:00:00 Patreon / Amazon links

00:01:50 Intro

00:02:54 It’s the News

00:16:20 We went to the cinema

00:28:55 Doctor Strange (spoiler free)

00:40:50 Doctor Strange SPOILERS

01:11:00 Outro


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