Podcast #13 Why Nolan’s films are great

Welcome back to the Reel Film Podcast.

In Episode 13 we talk about Christopher Nolan and why he is just the best. We also chat about the latest news including Logan, the Firewatch film and The Defenders. We also quickly review Swiss Army Man and Deepwater Horizon.

We also do some One Direction bashing. Those guys are the worst. We’re looking at you Harry Styles. You have no business in a Nolan film.

We have our first Reel Issues segment where Rob chats about his annoyance at the current state of DC fandom.

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00:00:00 Exciting Announcement

00:01:30 Intro

00:03:40 We went to the cinema

00:17:40 It’s the news!

00:28:06 #OscarforNolan

01:18:20 I’ve got Reel Issues

01:24:30 Outro


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