Podcast #12 The Most Entertaining Bad Films

Welcome back to The Reel Film Podcast. In Episode 12, Matt is joined by radio Presenter David Thomas to discuss what’s been going on in the world of film, including the title of the new solo Batman film and the proposed new Lion King film as well as The Magnificent Seven and Parks & Recs.

In our main topic we discuss bad films and films that are so bad they’re good. Including films that try to be good but turn out laughably bad (we’re looking at you Adam Sandler), the formula for a good B-Movie and the worst piece of film-making we’ve ever seen. Big thanks to everyone that got involved and got in touch!

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00:00:00 The Fortnightly Forum Podcast Advert (twitter.com/FortnightlyPod)
00:01:13 Intro
00:04:16 Guess who went to the cinema
00:13:07 It’s the News!
00:21:32 So Bad it’s Good
00:57:06 Listener Comments
01:11:20 Outro


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