Overwatch Review

Overwatch is beautiful in it’s design and it’s thoroughly enjoyable to play. Having only just started my quest into this world, I’m spending as much time as possible exploring and discovering the many nuances that the game has to offer.

Watching an advert or a play-through of Overwatch won’t do it justice, it’s a game you’ve really got to play to truly appreciate. On the surface it might not seem to have too much to offer; no real campaign or story with only online multiplayer matches, this is the problem that most people had with the recent Star Wars: Battlefront. However Overwatch has so much more to offer.


Whereas with a lot of first person shooters, there are limited classes and within those classes there are only minor variations on that class and how you play as that class. So, if you were a sniper you could go into the objective zone and quiet happily stay there without dying in the first 30 seconds. Not so in Overwatch. If you’re a sniper class you’d be dead pretty quickly if you tried to take an objective on your own. You have to play Overwatch with tactics in mind and you have to play each character differently based on their unique and individual skills; if you play the character wrong you’ll be dead pretty quickly and you’ll be dying a lot.

So even though there’s only the online matches and, admittedly, slightly limited map choice and game modes, you can have a different experience based on which character you decide to play as during that game. Some days you want to be a standard soldier, others you want to be a bit more calculated and precise with a sniper, some days you want to take on a tactical role as a healer and others you just want to blow shit up.


This has kept the game incredibly fresh for me. Currently there are 22 characters to choose from and each has been meticulously and excellently thought out, from their design and characteristics to their individual skills. Even though there are similar characters, such as Widowmaker and Ana, who are both snipers, they are completely different and their skills are completely different.

As for the game play, it seems pretty flawless. I haven’t come across a single bug or glitch, everything runs smoothly and it’s a fantastic experience to play. The only slight issue is being matched into a game can take awhile at times; although they drop you into a skirmish match while you wait, which is nice of them!

Each person will have their own preferences and favourite characters to play as and the only way to find out who you like to play as is to try them all out, which will take you a good amount of play time. As of now Soldier 76, Widowmaker and Bastion are my characters to play as.

Will the game be short lived? At the moment, I can’t say! I’m thoroughly enjoying it but there’s a danger with the limited maps and game modes that people will become bored after a while. However, I know that Blizzard, the company behind the game, are releasing new characters and hopefully new maps and game modes in the future and as a company they seem to be very interactive with the fans and they’re always giving back; which is fantastic to see.


Overwatch is a thoroughly enjoyable first-person shooter with great game mechanics that can be played in so many different ways and with so many different tactics that it’s kept fresh, interesting and entertaining.



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