Podcast #10 Why The Hobbit failed to live up to The Lord of the Rings #JusticeforGollum

In this, landmark, milestone of an episode we discuss why The Hobbit didn’t reach the heights of The Lord of the Rings and why that probably wasn’t Peter Jackson’s fault.

It’s our landmark, milestone, tenth episode. Who’d have thought it. Double figures.

Anyway, this week we get to talk about our favourite films of all time, The Lord of the Rings and we discuss what makes it such a masterpiece of storytelling and filmmaking. We then talk about why The Hobbit fell sort both in terms of it as a film and in terms of its troubled pre production.

We also review Cafe Society, Bad Moms, Sausage Party and Hell or High Water.

We talk about why we’re confused at the hype surrounding Joe Manganiello’s casting as Deathstroke given that he’s not really done anything to prove his acting chops especially given the negativity around Ben Affleck’s casting.

We also chat about how to be nice on social media.

And finally, the Amazon 1 Star Review Quiz is back.

Thanks to @EddyGardiner, @INNSMOUTHxSHADE, @BNQPodcast, @TwoHonestGuys and @KnownGoodGeek for their input.

As always thanks very much for listening and please do share the podcast and help us get it out there!

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Get in touch with us on twitter @ReelFilm_Movies – did you enjoy the Hobbit? What do you think of Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke? Was Andy Serkis robbed of an Oscar? #JusticeforGollum




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