Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Review

Two tearaway brothers are tasked with finding presentable ‘nice girls’ for their beloved sisters wedding. The girls they find are far from it. ‘Chaos ensues.’

DeVine and Efron are two slacker brothers who ruin family events with their partying antics. They are told to bring nice girls to their sister’s wedding in Hawaii to keep them in check. Plaza and Kendrick are two slacker friends who pretend to be nice girls to get a free trip to Hawaii as the guys’ dates. The bride gets a facial injury, the promiscuous cousin flirts with one of the dates, there’s a fistfight and a public humiliation, people walk off and drink alone and figure things out about themselves. Classic.

Let me start this by saying that I love Aubrey Plaza. She’s the reason I suggested going to see this film. And I like Anna Kendrick. And Adam DeVine is funny in Modern Family. Expectations were raised.


But I didn’t enjoy this film. The laughs were mostly cheap and slapstick, the characters were one-dimensional, and I laughed more in the end credit out-takes than I did in the film.It relied on crass and boring humour, and had none of the intelligence that I was hoping for. I appreciate that DeVine has a malleable face but there are only so many laughs that gurning can generate, and Efron is fine as a bimbo moron. Kendrick doesn’t have much to say – I like her backstory but nothing comes of it. The main characters are far too similar, which makes their journey of self discovery quite repetitive – it’s the same scene twice.


Granted it passes the bechdel test (two named female characters have a conversation that isn’t about men – surprisingly hard to find in films), and the female characters aren’t the usual wallpaper types, but that’s maybe the only redeeming feature of this film. Along with Plaza, who just about made this film watchable.

☆ BAD. Don’t pay to watch it and if you do end up with it on your tv/computer screen just remember you can always watch Parks and Rec instead.


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