Podcast #7 Are we bored of superhero films yet?

Welcome back to the Reel Film Podcast, in which we talk about whether we’re bored of superhero films yet. 

We ask the big questions like ‘Are there too many superhero/ comic book films at the moment?’

We talk about each individual studio and their respective films

We suggest Marvel might not have even peaked yet

We remain hopeful for the future of the DCEU with Geoff Johns in the driving seat

and we think Fox should maybe call it quits

We also review Jason Bourne (very briefly, check out our full review here) and Mike and Dave have Wedding Dates

In the next episode we’re gonna talk about why we love comic books and what our favourite comic books/ graphic novels of all time are. Let us know yours!

Thanks for listening and give us a share, like, review, rating or whatever if you liked what you heard.

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