Reel Film Podcast #5 Worst Cinema Experiences and The Killing Joke

Hey everyone, welcome back to the Reel Film Podcast, this is landmark episode number 5, and this week we talked about our worst experiences in the cinema and we discussed the latest Batman animated film, The Killing Joke. 

We also discuss what we think the next Star Wars Anthology movie should be, what we think about Ghostbusters and whether we prefer indie or big blockbuster films.

Oh, and listen out for the mid-credits sting. It’s definitely worth it. It’s probably the best bit of the podcast.


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What are your worst experiences from the cinema? Do you agree with our opinion of The Killing Joke?

Next week we’re going to be talking about Suicide Squad, let us know what you thought of the film (after Friday, please) and get in touch with any other film or even non-film related questions.

Cheers! (Please subscribe)


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