Reel Film Podcast #4 Comic Con

This week we discuss all the news and trailers from this year’s comic con

This week…

We discuss why Vin Diesel might be the most ridiculous person ever

We practise our Brian Cox and Michael Caine impressions

Matt mentions the time he met some famous people…

and he also offers insight into the mysterious process of ‘editing’. Whatever that is.

We tell you why you should be watching Netflix’s Stranger Things

We talk about a lot of trailers. Seriously, A LOT. In detail.

We discuss our love of Batfleck

Rob confesses he already prefers Ezra Miller to Grant Gustin

We discuss where Flash’s favourite chair is hoping it’ll be a major plot point of Justice League

We review Star Trek Beyond

As ever, thanks for listening. You can contact us on twitter @ReelFilm_Movies. Next episode, we’re going to be talking about our worst cinema experiences. If you’ve had any noteworthy experiences in the cinema please let us know!

We’re also on iTunes, if you’d prefer to subscribe (please do!) you get every podcast as soon as it’s released straight to your apple device. How convenient. We’d also really appreciate any reviews or ratings you can give us. Here’s the link for that.




2 thoughts on “Reel Film Podcast #4 Comic Con

  1. Hey guys,

    Lovely stuff here, it’s awesome! Just a few points I’d like to address here…..

    1 – Interesting to see you’re making claim to the Warwick Davis and Lego factoid there when a reliable source tells me it was an absolute legend who got the answer for that at a pub quiz…………..

    2 – If you ever do a dedicated Star Wars episode I am all for being involved as having watched all of Rebels and begun parts of the EU I was one of the giddyish fans when Thrawn was revealed – that is if you want me……this could be really awkward now!

    3 – No idea what your next episode is on, so just going for it – my question to you guys is what do you think the 3rd Star Wars Anthology film should be about, and what genre?

    Peace out!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cheers!
      Apologies…we’ll have to acknowledge you next podcast

      Thinking of doing a Star Wars one soon, just need to think of a structure and specifically what we want to talk about and would love to have you on! Any ideas let us know!


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