Weekly Roundup #8 (24th July 2016)

Here’s some news what we read this week

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Anyway enough self promotion, on to the news!

Suicide squad is less than a month away and we’re pretty excited. Why? Read this and find out. Anyhow, it’s been announced that Suicide Squad will be a 15 in the UK, despite only being rated PG-13 in the USA. David Ayer, director of Suicide Squad, has been talking about Batman’s role in the film and he had the following to say:

“All the Batman movies have been from Batman’s point of view. He’s the good guy. He’s the hero of his own movie in all the movies we’ve seen.”

“If you look at what Bruce Wayne has done in creating the Batman persona, his idea was to terrorize criminals. It’s sort of psychological warfare against criminals. This wraith that comes in the night and attacks and culls criminals from society. For the first time, we’re seeing Batman from the point of view of the criminals and he’s freaking scary.”

Sounds good to me!

Speaking of Batman, and it’s rumoured that Ben Affleck’s much anticipated solo outing is going to be set in Arkham Asylum which could draw inspiration from the Rocksteady video game, Arkham Asylum and/or Grant Morrison’s graphic novel of the same name. Fingers crossed this is more than just a rumour.

Some Star Trek news and it’s been revealed that Chris Hemsworth will be reprising his role as the deceased father of Jim Kirk, George Kirk for the fourth instalment. It’ also been confirmed that the role of Chekov, played by the late Anton Yelchin, will not be recast. Rightly so.

Some more Star Trek news and Netflix have picked up the rights for a Star Trek TV series, which is to be called Star Trek Discovery.

In casting news, Oscar Isaac is set to team up with Steven Spielberg on The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara. Empire say the plot of the film is as follows:

The writer is adapting David Kertzer’s novel, which charts the true story of a seven-year-old Italian Jew thrust into controversy in 1858 when he was taken from his parents and raised as a Catholic by authorities of the Papacy. He ended up becoming a priest in a story that sees the Pope (Rylance will play Pope Pius IX) clashing with the forces of Italian democracy.

In other casting news, Idris Elba has said in regard of those persistent rumours about him being the next James Bond, basically he’s too old for that shit. Looks like he’s leaving the door open for Tom Hiddleston.

Speaking of T-Hiddy, and he and Brie Larson are centre stage in the new image released from the upcoming Kong: Skull Island set for a March 2017 release.

kong .jpg

The people over at Netflix have announced that the critically acclaimed documentary Making a Murderer will receive a second season with a focus on the post conviction process with appearances from Steven Avery’s new legal team. Season 1 was certainly compelling but I’m not sure how far they can go with season 2 without any new evidence.

Speaking of television, and it looks like the final film in the Hunger Games ripoff Divergent series is set to make a straight to TV release because of poor financial and critical response. Ouch. That’ll teach them for making shite.

Something else that is likely to be utter shite is the Detective Pikachu live action movie that’s being planned. Why not?

Aaaand in the sheer ridiculous, here’s the trailer for xXx: Return of Xander Cage which promises “guns, girls and global domination”. What more could you ask for? No, you can’t ask for decent films…we’re doomed to watch Vin Diesel fuck around in pointless films which escalate exponentially in ridiculousness each sequel for the rest of eternity. Seriously though, this looks fucking awful unless you’re a horny 14 year old boy. Which I’m guessing is Vin Diesel’s mental state.

I’m lost for words. Why doesn’t everyone just ski through the forest and what the hell are we using surfboards for when you can just use a motorbike? How come nobody has thought of this sooner, it seems so obvious now. Looks dope.

Anyway…that’s your news this week. If you think we missed anything, let us know.

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