MARVEL Comic Con Panel Roundup

Here’s everything we learnt from Marvel’s Hall H panel. 

First up, it’s finally been revealed that Brie Larson (Room) is going to be playing Captain Marvel. Here’s the official logo. Captain Marvel is set to release 2019.

captain marvel.jpg

A film a bit closer to a release date is Spider-Man: Homecoming and while those of us sat at home weren’t given any footage to feast on, the lucky people in Hall H did get to see some early material. Here’s a summary of what was seen from IGN.

According to them, the film is very much a high school film with most of the footage focusing on this. Peter’s genius is shown off as he watches footage of himself as Spider-Man while also managing to answer the teacher’s questions, or as he messes around with his web shooters in science class. And yes, apparently we also get to see him checking out the girls in his class, one of whom thinks Spider-Man is hot.

We also received confirmation that Michael Keaton is indeed playing the Vulture and the concept art released shows what he might look like.

spiderman vulture.jpg

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 was also present at the panel and again we don’t have any footage from that online. Again, I’m going to use what IGN saw because I wasn’t there. Thanks for rubbing it in.

It was confirmed that Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone are in the cast, with the former playing the role of Ego, who is essentially a giant floating head/ living planet. It’ll sure be interesting to see how that translates onto the big screen and whether he’s playing a literal version of that or a more abstract/ metaphorical version of the character. Oh, he’s also playing Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord’s dad, as widely rumoured. How does a giant floating head procreate? That’s not for me to answer. Ask James Gunn.

We also got some sweet new logos. The Ragnarok one looks like an N64 game logo which seems a bit weird.

We also got to see some props from Thor: Ragnarok including this armour set which looks very similar to the armour Hulk wears in the Planet Hulk storyline.

hulk armour .jpg

And finally, and probably most excitingly for those of us not in the hall, there is the small matter of the newest Doctor Strange trailer which is due for release later this year.

Here you go.


That’s pretty much your lot from Marvel, they don’t need to show as much as DC explaining why they’ve kept a lot of their footage as Hall H exclusives. We’d expect a Guardians trailer to drop in the not too distant future though as they finished filming a couple of weeks back.

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