Reel Film Podcast #3 Star Trek

Usuals Rob and Matt are joined by Hatty, for her first appearance and this week they talk about Star Trek.

This week…

We get some exciting new tunes courtesy of Hatty (@blarriet)

We discuss Star Trek and why we think the original TV series is shit (not really, it’s fine)

We find out that Matt has started a rival podcast

Rob tries to expand his horizon by reading yet more Batman

We talk Pokemon Go and why we don’t give a shit about a Pokemon Go film

We learn why Pokemon Go is “Gay as fuck” from a listener/ friend of Matt – not that that’s a bad thing, we’re not homophobic here, maybe it’s a good thing if you’re gay or even if you’re not. It’s all fine.

We realise we don’t care about Gilmore Girls (except Hatty)

Darth Vader’s charred penis gets an honourable mention

We learn about feminism from an actual female

aaaand….we tell you why you shouldn’t watch Neon Demon with your parents (or any other humans)

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Anyway…cheers guys!



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