Why it’s time to get excited for Suicide Squad

David Ayer’s Suicide Squad is less than a month away and it’s about time you got excited for it. 

1. The Cast 

Let’s start with Jared Leto, who is, of course, playing the age-old Batman villain, the Joker. And he’s got big shoes to fill. Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger and Mark Hamill  have all given fantastic, memorable and distinct performances of the Joker meaning that Leto has his work cut out. He’s a fantastic actor, though and it looks as though he’s fully committed to the role. He even sent other members of the cast items to freak them out including rats and (apparently) used condoms. I’m not sure why, but there you go. Who am I to judge? 


Margot Robbie, from what we have seen, looks to have nailed the role of Harley Quinn. She’s a character who was introduced in the 90’s Batman animated series, quickly become a fan favourite and has since cemented herself as a integral part of the DC universe. Harley is an accomplice of the Joker, originally his psychiatrist in Arkham Asylum, Harley falls for the Joker, going insane in the process.

Will Smith is also a member of the cast, playing the assassin for hire, Deadshot. A lot of the time, Will Smith plays Will Smith and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, we’re interested to see how he does in this universe with the extremes of the Joker and Harley Quinn. 

2. Batman


Yep, Batman is back. We thought Affleck was great in Batman v Superman, an otherwise disappointing film and it’s cool to see characters bleeding across into other films like they do in comic books. We don’t know how big his role is (probably not very) but we’re excited to see his interactions with the Joker and Harley and how this fits into the story. 

3. A different sort of superhero film 

A lot of people are moaning about ‘superhero fatigue’ at the moment. Marvel have 2 or 3 films out a year, Fox have a couple and with DC now jumping on the bandwagon people are saying they’ve seen it all already. This is something I completely disagree with, how many terrible disaster films do we get a year, how many awful rom-coms? Nobody is whinging about them. Anyway…I digress. Deadpool was hugely successful not least because  it played on the superhero tropes and in a fresh and funny way. Not to mention Deadpool as a character is unpredictable and has shady morals.

We’re expecting Suicide Squad to go down the same route. Anyone who enjoyed Deadpool should be excited for Suicide Squad. A film where the main focus is a group of highly dangerous, morally bankrupt, insane criminals is sure to be entertaining or at least something different. 

4. Set up for future DC films 

Introducing so many characters into one film is a massive risk. James Gunn managed it successfully with Guardians of the Galaxy but Joss Whedon had five films of character development to work with before he brought them all together in the Avengers. Throwing so many characters into a film and managing each of them is difficult. If it works, which it just might, DC will have successfully introduced a number of villains which can, and will, pop up in the future of the DC universe without introduction. 

It’s a risk, but it just might work. 

5. Some history of the DCEU 


Is Batman’s involvement part of a ‘flashback’ for the Joker? We know the two have history in this universe because we saw the Robin uniform, vandalised by the Joker (presumably after he killed Robin/ Jason Todd) in Batman v Superman. Perhaps some of this history will become clearer in Suicide Squad. We’re also likely to get an origin story for Harley Quinn, which we touched on earlier. We’re looking forward to seeing her decent into madness. 

All in all, we’re looking forward to this. Let us know why you are (or not) looking forward to Suicide Squad, which releases 5th August here in the UK. 


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