Why we think Lady Stoneheart will make her Game of Thrones debut soon

Spoilers for the A Song of Ice and Fire book series to follow.

Lady Stoneheart is a fan favourite character from the books and myself and other book readers alike have been wondering when, or if, she is ever going to make her debut in the Game of Thrones TV adaptation.

Lady Stoneheart is the reincarnated Catelyn Stark, who was murdered along with her son, Robb, at the Twins at the Red Wedding. However, in the books, Catelyn’s body was retrieved from the Green Fork where it was dumped by Arya Stark’s missing direwolf, Nymeria. The body is found by Lord Beric Dondarrion and his Brotherhood Without Banners and Dondarrion gives his own life to resurrect Catelyn by performing a ritual known as the last kiss. Catelyn returns to life mutilated and mute (due to her throat being slit open at the red wedding) and she assumes the title Lady Stoneheart. He also assumes leadership of the Brotherhood Without Banners, mercilessly hunting down everyone and anyone who has wronged her family and brining them to justice (killing them).

Now, going off the book timeline, Lady Stoneheart appears in book 3, so we would have expected her to appear in seasons 3 or 4 of the TV show. Her absence led to many, myself included, to speculate that she’d been cut out of the show for time reasons. She’s not exactly been a prominent character in the novels so far either, barring the odd mention here and there so maybe the show runners decided she wasn’t that important.

But it seems I might have jumped the gun a little. Have we just got confirmation that Lady Stoneheart is indeed set to appear in the TV show?

Interestingly in A Feast for Crows, Lady Stoneheart comes across Brienne’s party and thinks she’s a traitor as she has not found Sansa as instructed and she’s also carrying the sword given to her by Jaime Lannister, which of course was forged from Ned Stark’s valerian steel blade, Ice. Stoneheart commands Brienne to kill Jaime to prove her loyalty or face death herself. Brienne refuses and faces execution but before she is killed she shouts out a word, which is unknown to the reader. Brienne’s storyline in the books is way behind what it is the TV show, if it’s even going to follow the same path, so there’s some speculation here but bear with me.

Now, we’ve just had the first mention of the Brotherhood Without Banners for a few seasons. So we know they’re active…under the command of Lady Stoneheart perhaps? We also know that Brienne is heading down to Riverrun at Sansa’s command, which is the region where the brotherhood are said to be active. Coincidence? I think not. After this episode I’d be genuinely surprised if we didn’t see her turn up at some point. And what a shock that will be. Unless you’ve read this of course. Or have read the books. But yeah, will still be good to see her turn up. It’ll be in keeping with that Stark resurgence theme they’ve got going on this season.

Let me know what you think! Any viability in this theory?

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3 thoughts on “Why we think Lady Stoneheart will make her Game of Thrones debut soon

  1. Hmm…well if it happens, at this point Cat’s been dead for awhile now right? There would have to be some kind of flashblack explaining how she was turned into an undead state and what she has been up to in the interim.

    Now, I suppose the show is geared towards an audience that doesn’t know as much about the books and history so they could conceivably start having characters start talking about someone named Lady Stoneheart doing this and that and you see her do stuff and wonder who she is and then it is explained she is Cat.

    Us nerds in the know will already know obviously.

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    • Yeah, like I said, I’d assumed they were going to just leave her out as, chronologically, she should have appeared back in season 3 or 4. We’ve seen resurrection a few times already, so it’s fairly well established. I think it’d be a cool reveal.


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