Liebster Award Q&A

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So Flickbox has very kindly nominated us for a Liebster Award. For those not in the know, this is an award that’s promoted and shared across blogs to help people to discover more blogs they might enjoy.

Here are the rules:

  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions that the blogger gives you
  • Nominate 11 bloggers of your own choosing (or however many you want!)
  • Give them 11 questions
  • Let the bloggers know you nominated them

FlickBox‘s questions are:

1. What is the craziest experience you had in the movies ?

Rob: I used to work in a cinema just after graduating from university. On my first night shift we had to call the police on a drunk man who was kicking off in the foyer. I’ve also seen human excrement scraped up the side of a cubicle wall and soiled underpants stuffed in an overflowing toilet.

Matt: I’ve also worked in a cinema and cleaning up sick that had oozed down the gap between two seats was pretty horrendous. That and constantly being asked if we also do mortgages… and pretending to laugh.

Hatty: I’ve not had many crazy experiences in cinemas. Watching the Revenant the guy sat next to me was pissing himself through all of the most gruesome bits, which was a little unsettling.

2. What is the movie that you hate the most ( that you want to see burn ) ?

Rob: Love Actually. It’s just the worst.

Matt: Love Actually. Richard Curtis has never been lower! What a load of overly sentimental crap; it isn’t romantic to go and tell your best mates new wife that you love her while he’s in the next room or to let your dead wife’s son chase a girl he’s never met through the airport. Someone should taser that kid.

rick love actualy.jpg

Hatty: Gladiator maybe? Hate all that macho macho stuff. Or Music and Lyrics – it’s supposed to be about great songwriting and they just write a bloody terrible boring and derivative piece of crap. (Begin Again gets it right)

3. What is the movie that you love the most ( that you want to keep in a coffin ) ?

Rob: The Fellowship of the Ring. It’s just perfect.

Matt: The Fellowship of the Ring

Hatty: This is tough – maybe The Royal Tenenbaums or The Grand Budapest Hotel or Inside Llewyn Davis.

4. If you could turn a book into a movie, which one would you choose ?

Rob: When I read Ready Player One I thought it would make an awesome film. And now Spielberg is on board to direct the adaptation which is due out in 2018. Very excited for that. I’d also like to see some graphic novel adaptations. The Batman graphic novel, The Long Halloween would be one I’d love to see.

Matt: Eragon and the Inheritance series. Let’s forget that they already did this and it was absolutely terrible.

Hatty: 1Q84. I’ve only seen one Murakami adaptation so far (Norwegian Wood) and it didn’t really work – the story was too internal – but I think the story of 1Q84 would translate brilliantly. Or if they did His Dark Materials properly that would be great.

5. Can you remember the name of the first movie you saw that made you cry ?

Rob: I don’t cry. The end of The Return of the King, though.

Matt: I don’t cry.

merry crying.jpg

Hatty: I cry at most films/tv shows/songs/books/adverts. Most notably I watched Schindler’s List at uni and was weeping so hard I could barely speak and I think I freaked out my housemates a bit. I was trying to explain what had got to me was Schindler’s guilt and remorse at the end when he’s crying and saying that had he sold his car or his watch he could have saved several more people – just thinking about that scene and I’m almost welling up again.

6. What is your favourite superhero of all time ? And villain ?

Rob: The Batman and the Joker are a perfect yin and yang. An unstoppable force and an immoveable object.

Matt: Batman and The Joker.

Hatty: Captain America and Tony Stark. Moral compass vs self interested billionaire weapons manufacturer. #teamcap

7. If you could have any super power which would it be ?

Rob: The ability to make people see reason. I’d love to be able show people like anti-vaxxers, creationists and people who believe in pseudo-medicine like homeopathy why they’re complete morons.

Matt: The ability to stop idiots posting their opinions on the internet.

Hatty: I’d like the reason thing too – I’d try and talk some sense into anyone voting Trump. And the ability to speak and understand all languages would be awesome.

8. If they made a movie about your life, what kind of movie would it be ? And which actor or actress would play you in that movie ?

hey girlRob: I’m doing a PhD at the moment so maybe something along the lines of The Theory of Everything but much less impressive and certainly less interesting.  Can’t imagine there’s too many actors vying for that job so I’d imaging I’d be someone who’s desperate for a job and who’ll do anything for the money. Ben Affleck might be keen to get away from the big blockbuster scene at the moment.

Matt: A genre mash up! (Fantasy, action, thriller) And Ryan Gosling obviously.

Hatty: Wes Anderson/Coen Brothers and probably Zooey Deschanel/some other manic pixie dream girl trope playing a ukulele.

9. Have you ever fallen asleep in the middle of a film ? Why ?

Rob: I never fall asleep in the cinema. But at home, I fall asleep during a lot in films. That’s usually because I’m sleepy.

Matt: Probably, but I can’t remember what the film was because I was asleep.

Hatty: At uni we did a Godfather marathon and I slept through most of number three.

10. Would you be willing to be on a TV show in only your underwear just to make you famous ?

Rob: Are you going to pay us to do this? I honestly can’t imagine anything worse than being famous.

Matt: This seems a bit strange, are you propositioning us? But no I wouldn’t!

Hatty: Probably not. No one wants to see that.

11.Which famous person would you like to have as your best friend?

Rob: Ben Affleck. I think he needs some moral support after BvS. He might let me help out with his solo Batman film.

Matt: Maggie Smith. She’s sassy.

Hatty: Ming-Na Wen. Feminist icon.

Our nominees are:

Apologies if you don’t want to do this, feel free to just ignore it, we won’t take it personally. It is a bit chain mail-y and we can see why it might be annoying. But if we’ve nominated you, it’s because we genuinely like your stuff. I’m not just picking ones at random here. So you can take solace in that. Also, sorry if you’ve done this already.

Here are our questions:

As we’re a film blog, most of our questions are film related so we apologise if you passionately hate films. And we apologise for the stupid questions.

1. Why did you start blogging? Tell us about your blog

2. Do you like films? If not, you can skip to the end.

3. Tell us your top 5 films

4. What was the last film you saw? Any good?

5. What’s the best Stan Lee cameo?

6. What’s in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction?

7. What does Bill Murray whisper to Scar-Jo at the end of Lost in Translation?

8. What’s your favourite film soundtrack?

9. What’s the worst thing about going to the cinema?

10. What’s your snack/beverage of choice when watching a film?

11. If we came round for tea, what would you make for us and why? What film would you put on?


4 thoughts on “Liebster Award Q&A

  1. I’m guessing I answer the question’s here in the comments? Thanks for the request/nomination, as I am useless at things like this please tell me if I’ve ballsed up hugely by leaving my answers here.

    1. Why did you start blogging? Tell us about your blog
    I wanted a place to share, and I guess show off, the photograph’s I take. Maybe I had some stupid idea that someone other than me might actually like them.

    2. Do you like films? If not, you can skip to the end.
    Hell yes, hence why you guy’s got a follow from me.

    3. Tell us your top 5 films
    The Godfather
    Captain America:The Winter Soldier
    Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back (still the best one by a country mile)
    The Motorcycle Diaries

    4. What was the last film you saw? Any good?
    Saw Civil War in the cinema the other week, and yeah it was pretty darn good. That was new though, I re-watched Days of Future Past last night, great movie.

    5. What’s the best Stan Lee cameo?
    His cameo in Deadpool is genuinely funny, “you can’t buy love, but you can rent it”.

    6. What’s in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction?
    Do I go serious or silly on this one? I’m going to say a copy of the CD Soundtrack to Reservoir Dogs.

    7. What does Bill Murray whisper to Scar-Jo at the end of Lost in Translation?
    I have never seen this film, I know heresy.

    8. What’s your favourite film soundtrack?
    Show me a Tarantino film with a bad soundtrack and I’ll show you a liar, but out of them all I would say Pulp Fiction is hard to top.

    9. What’s the worst thing about going to the cinema?
    The “grazing” of other people around you. If you’re hungry, then eat at home first! Don’t spend the whole film chomping and guzzling away in my ear.

    10. What’s your snack/beverage of choice when watching a film?
    See above……I don’t.

    11. If we came round for tea, what would you make for us and why? What film would you put on?
    I want to say the biggest and best pasta you’ve ever had, then sit down and watch the Godfather, but what will likely happen is I’ll find out what schwarma actually is and we’ll have a Tony Stark filled marathon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Great responses! Yeah I wasn’t too sure either when we got nominated! I think the idea is that you do your own blog post with your answers. Then you get to ask your own questions and nominate people that way? Again not too sure!

      It’s great having your responses in the comments though – easier for everyone to find!

      Thanks for joining in!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the nomination guys, since coming across your blog I’ve ‘reelly’ enjoyed reading your content. As I’ve done a Liebster post so recently if you don’t mind I won’t do another post but please keep me posted on your new work and keep it up because it’s a great blog you have here. Looking forward to reading/connecting in the future.

    Liked by 1 person

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