Agent Carter Cancelled

Bad news, Agent Carter fans. ABC has officially cancelled Peggy Carter’s spin off series Agent Carter. Looks like her funeral in Civil War was her final send off. Agent Carter followed Peggy’s adventures post WWII and post Captain America: The First Avenger as she worked for the SSR before she founded SHIELD.

It’s a real shame as it was a really enjoyable series with a great cast of characters. Haley Atwel was excellent as Peggy and it was great to have a female lead in the MCU for a change. I’d still recommend checking it out if you have a chance.

In addition to this, ABC has passed on producing another Marvel series called Most Wanted which was due to star Adrianne Palicki as Bobbi Morse/ Mockingbird and Nick Blood as Lance Hunter after they left Agents of SHIELD earlier in the season. Perhaps this means they might pop up in the next season of AoS, which thankfully has been renewed.

It’s a real shame that Marvel can’t seem to find success with their TV shows (Netflix aside). Agents of SHIELD is often dismissed but both it and Agent Carter are far more entertaining and much better written than DCs Flash and Arrow. There just doesn’t seem to be the audience for these shows for some reason.



5 thoughts on “Agent Carter Cancelled

  1. I’d disagree with Agents of Shield and Carter being better written than their DC counterparts, personally I don’t think any are that well written. Agents of Shield was pretty dire until it linked in with the going’s on of Winter Soldier in it’s first season, in fact the only reason I’ve stuck with as long as I have is purely for fear of missing out background info/stories that link into the big screen releases (the build up to Segovia for example) . Not to be harsh, because it’s certainly not meant to be, but I think that in comparison the Netflix Marvel tv show’s hugely outshine their other counterpart’s in terms of script, performances and in general just seeming more polished, the second Season of Daredevil was utterly fantastic.


    • I couldn’t disagree more! I’m by no means disillusioned into thinking AoS is the best show ever but at least the dialogue is sharp and the characters have some depth. Arrow and Flash are so poorly written in some episodes. Every episode has to have an emotional drama moment regardless of whether it actually makes sense or not. For eg, Barry’s dad coming out of prison and immediately leaving because Barry can’t have two father figures in his life? It’s so poor. Arrow is turning into Hollyoaks at the moment. Some episodes seem to be aimed at teenage girls. There’s so much convoluted drama in DCs TV stuff. AoS at least doesn’t take itself too seriously – it reminds me a lot of Buffy in that respect.


      • I do agree with you massively on the Arrow and Flash points, I think that’s mostly down to the channel they are produced for being very much a teenage audience aimed channel. Hence the ridiculous teenage angst nonsense in most episodes.

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      • Yeah it’s a shame they feel the need to do that because there’s some good stuff there. Like you said thought, none of them come close to the Marvel/ Netflix stuff! While the production value is obviously much higher on those shows and they obviously have a lot more talent attached, I think they also benefit from only being 13 episodes long. Doesn’t feel like they’re treading water like the 25 or so episode seasons we get with the other stuff…

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