Alden Ehrenreich cast as Han Solo

So after many rumours and quite a bit of speculation we’ve finally got our young Han Solo. We’ve known for a while now that in Lucas Film/Disney’s plan to expand the Star Wars universe we’d be getting a film that looks back at the past of our favourite smuggler but it’s been a very long narrowing down process. It’s exciting to finally have someone cast in the role.

So who is Alden Ehrenreich? Well he’s an up and comer who’s worked on some exciting projects in the last few years; working with Woody Allen in Blue Jasmine and then with the Coen Brothers in Hail, Caesar! earlier this year. There’s no doubt he has talent and he was great in Hail, Caesar!, although he played, for want of a better word, an ‘idiot’. It will be interesting to see if he can pull off Han Solo. The casting for The Force Awakens was pretty spot on so we’re feeling optimistic that the Star Wars team have made another great decision.


It will also be interesting to see if he’ll bring his own qualities and ideas to the role, rather than just doing a Harrison Ford impression. We can only hope for the first, it would be a shame to sit and watch a film where he’s just trying to be Ford rather than making the character his own and bringing something new that we haven’t seen before.


Whereas Rogue One, the first stand alone Star Wars film coming this Christmas, has an interesting story to tell and will bring in plenty of new characters; the Han Solo film, for me, is on a bit more rocky ground. In A New Hope, we meet a young, carefree, rebellious Han Solo and over the next two films and then into last year’s The Force Awakens, he was taken on a real journey from smuggler to hero and then to Father. So what is there left to really explore with this character? It’s been spoken about what we’ll see how he and Chewie came to meet and become best buds, which is an idea we’d like to see but the film will need to have more than that to make it feel like more than just a cash in.

Chewbacca and Han Solo in a still from the Star Wars: The Force

Let’s hope that Alden Ehrenreich is given a chance to show what he’s made of and make his big break into the public consciousness with a great performance in a great film.

Are you looking forward to the Stand alone Han Solo film? What do you think of the casting?

The Untitled Han Solo film will be released in 2018.


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