X-Citing (sorry) New Trailer Teases Character Return 

The final trailer for this summer’s X-Men Apocalypse has landed and there’s more than a hint of a return for a familiar face…

Here it is!



So yeah, looks like Mr Jackman’s set to reprise the role of Wolverine again before his ‘final’ appearance in Wolverine 3. This is despite the tag line for the Wolverine 3 announcement being ‘one last time’… stop bullshitting us Hugh!  It’ll be interesting to see how big a role he gets. Hopefully he’ll be part of the main cast.

While that’s got me a lot more excited about this film than I was, I can’t help but question Mystique’s role in this universe. She’s usually an X-Men villain, or anti-hero at best. Why is she the one rallying the X-Men here? We’ve got younger versions of the original X-Men, why are they being sidelined by Mystique? Why is she front and centre of the heroes fight when we’ve got Jean Grey, Cyclops and Beast, all of whom are surely better choices?


This is obvious, of course, if you’re being cynical. Which I am. It’s the Katniss effect. It’s the same reason Mystique never looks like Mystique and instead looks like J-Law. It’s to get the numbers in, get that Hunger Games teen-dystopia crowd in and I’m not too keen on it. Now, I appreciate she’s a very good actress, but seriously? It feels so forced to make her the lead hero here, and I hope the other heroes don’t suffer for it.

I may be wrong of course, and she might have a smaller role in the film, with her role being ‘bigged-up’ in the trailers for the general movie-goer audience. But I felt this way in the previous films (First Class and Days of Future Past), that her role was exaggerated because of the actress playing her. It’s an odd characterisation to say the least.

Maybe I’m wrong. Let me know in the comments below or on twitter @RobJ_Hall


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