Embracing the Darkness: Episode 2

After negotiating the High Wall of Lothric with success, and a great deal of luck, my journey took me to the Undead Settlement via some winged demons who kindly offered to give me a lift.

DARK SOULS™ III_20160414200629.jpg

Once I landed, it was not long before I encountered a friendly face. Meet Yoel of Londor, he’s a fellow who’s been waiting to die for God knows how long, but now apparently I’ve given him reason to be alive and so he’s going to enter my service. How nice of him.

DARK SOULS™ III_20160414200928.jpg

Undead Settlement

After speaking to my new BFF, Yoel, I entered the undead settlement. To my surprise, I didn’t find this area too taxing. I mean, I died a lot but I wasn’t pushed to the point of rage-quitting by smashing in the TV with the controller, so I’m counting it as a success. In fact, I made a whole load of friends, which was nice.

I met a man in a cage, who said he’d teach my pyromancy – pretty cool! I like setting stuff on fire, I also imagine it’s a good ability to have when things are trying to kill you. His name is Cornyx of the Great Swamp and once I spoke to him he said he’d help me out. So, I took some time out from dying all the time and spent some time revisiting friends back at the Shrine whom I’d met on my adventures. I met the thief again (remember him?) and told him the lady he wanted me to give the ring to had died (so I got to keep it, score!). I also met up with Cornyx and learnt how to throw fire at people! It’s all going so well.

DARK SOULS™ III_20160415234635

I also found an area where giant arrows rain from the sky, so rather than risk that nonsense I went to find out where they came from. And I did. I found a giant just carelessly shooting them at people. Very irresponsible. So I had a little chat with him and turns out he’s happy not to shoot me anymore, so that’s good.

DARK SOULS™ III_20160416003749.jpg

I also met a guy who looks like an onion, although he goes by Siegward of Catarina, and we took out a fire-demon thing together which was pretty sweet. That guy is a lot more dangerous than he looks. He’s definitely a lot more dangerous than an onion. Yes, I’m aware he’s appeared in Dark Souls before and I have IGN’s great series Prepare to Try  to thank for that (definitely check it out, well worth a watch). 

DARK SOULS™ III_20160416094334

I also rescued a woman from a prison, her name is Irina and I met the guy guarding her, Ergon. Both of these guys said they’d also help me on. Man, I’m popular.

So I came to the boss of the area which was a weird giant tree thing. Do you know what? Wasn’t that bad, took it down pretty easily after I figured out just to smash the weird egg things on its belly!

So overall, pretty good. Some new friends, boss down. Praise the sun!

Next time I take on the Road of Sacrifices (sounds ominous!)



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