Embracing the Darkness: Episode 1

So, here goes!

My first adventure into Dark Souls begins here. It’s all very exciting. And terrifying. And quite daunting. Why am I doing this again?

Anyway, here we go.

Cemetery of Ash

There’s the obvious introductory section, which was very easy to negotiate even for a DS novice but this lured me into a false sense of security when within no time you reach your first boss.

Say hello to Iudex Gundyr. Yeah he’s pretty big right? Looks tough. But looks can be deceiving and this dude is pretty easy to dispatch, on the first attempt even! Looks like some of my Bloodborne experience is paying off a little. 

DARK SOULS™ III_20160413181153

Firelink Shrine

To much relief I came across a nice, friendly area in Firelink Shrine full of nice people who can level me up and who will sell me nice things and improve my weapons and such. There’s even a bonfire. Lovely. All seems pretty nice right? It is, until I stepped outside to face a guy wearing only a piece of cloth around his crotch and wielding a giant sword. He killed me a lot. I eventually overcame my mighty, naked foe by accidentally pushing him over a cliff and falling off myself. Not exactly classic Dark Souls gameplay, but whatever gets the job done. I also found a Covetous Silver Serpent Ring, very bling.

DARK SOULS™ III_20160413181944

Once respawned I took the bonfire in Firelink Shrine to The High Wall of Lothric which proved slightly trickier (obviously) than the previous beginner areas.

The High Wall of Lothric

DARK SOULS™ III_20160413183523

While a lot trickier, I managed to negotiate this area (somehow) after dying a lot. I’m feeling a theme developing here.

I managed to pick up a longbow (cool right!) after negotiating a guy whose head exploded into some kind of snake(?) thing. I dunno but it was creepy and he killed me a few times before I gave up and we went our separate ways. I found a guy in jail too! His name is Greirat, but I didn’t have a key so I just had to leave him there in this dungeon. Felt pretty bad about that but it’s OK! I later found a key and went back to save the guy! I also said I’d give a ring to an old woman or something. I’m not our errand boy, do it yourself, man!

DARK SOULS™ III_20160414192150

I also encounter a pretty huge dragon, which came out of nowhere to set me on fire. And I died. But then I managed to get the dragon to kill all my enemies, including a large knight who had really been pissing me off, so that was good!

Also, I found a new bonfire! This is where I gave up and thought ‘lets quit while I’m ahead and not smash up the room out of frustration’. Then I decided to ignore this and carry on anyway.

After much dying, mainly to the large knights (I hate those guys) I managed to reach the area boss! The huge Vordt of the Boreal Valley who is some sort of massive armoured dog? I think? I was honestly too busy shitting my self to actually notice what he was. 


I decided to cheat a little bit and summon some help but we killed him pretty easily. I regret not trying harder to beat him on my own in truth. But he was pretty scary.

DARK SOULS™ III_20160414195833

Again, it wasn’t classic Dark Souls as I died but a second later so did the boss, so somehow I ended up winning? I dunno but I got to light the bonfire and progress to the next area!

DARK SOULS™ III_20160414200120

Next time I take on The Undead Settlement!


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