Batfleck Rising

It was announced today that Ben Affleck will be not only staring in a stand alone Batman film but will also be directing it. This has been the source of rumors and wide spread speculation for some time, so doesn’t come as a shock but it’s great to finally have it confirmed by Kevin Tsujihara, Warner Bros. chairman and CEO.

Considering he was one of the best parts of the recent Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice film and he really captured the essence of The Dark Knight, this is fantastic news. Throw in the fact he’s a double Oscar winning Filmmaker (for Argo and Good Will Hunting) then we could definitely be onto a winner.


No sources seem to be saying if he’ll also be writing the film but there’s been a lot of talk that he’s already penned a Batman script so this could be a starting point for himself and other writers to build on. Recently we published a piece on what a solo Batfleck film might be, take a read here.

Batman’s first solo outing since Nolan’s 2012 The Dark Knight Rises, hasn’t yet been giving a release date, still being in the very early stages but Warner Bros. have 5th October 2018 and the 1 November 2019 set aside for DC films, so Batman could well fall into one of these. The other might well go to a Suicide Squad 2 depending on how well that does upon it’s release in August.

A solo Batfleck film definitely gets a big thumbs up from me!


What are you thoughts on a Batman solo film, especially in light of Batman Vs Superman? And is Ben Affleck the man to do it? Comment below!


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