Mum asks…Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

In this segment I answer my Mum’s questions on films I know a lot more about than her. Asking my Mum these questions gives me an insight into what the film is like for someone less…obsessive. This time we’re looking at Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Overall impressions

Honestly no idea what she thought I forgot to ask that bit. She did like Ben Affleck though and she thought there weren’t enough jokes. Batman’s not supposed to be funny Mum! We don’t want another bloody Adam West bat-situation here. Anyway, I think she found many of the not-so-subtle easter eggs, confusing and unnecessary and I’d bet a fair amount that she wasn’t alone it that.

So, lets get onto the questions. Obviously, full spoilers

Why were there no jokes?

There were some jokes, Jeremey Iron’s Alfred had a few moments of levity as did Laurence Fishburne’ Perry White. But overall, DC are going for a different tone to Marvel, which I welcome. Not everything has to be light and comedic. It would have been easy for DC to go with the same tone as Marvel but they’ve taken a bit of a risk. Of course, it’s probably also a response to Nolan’s Batman trilogy, which is hugely popular and was also pretty dark tonally.

Why did we need to see Batman’s parents die AGAIN? Every numpty knows what happens.

Harsh words. But there is a valid reason here, just about. I think Snyder and co wanted to make abundantly clear that this is not a continuation of Nolan’s Batman universe. Also, there’s a nice symmetry with Bruce’s story beginning and ending with funerals. A nod perhaps to why this version of Batman is as dark as he is. He’s surrounded by death. There’s also the fact that Snyder wants the audience to have this in the forefront of their mind when Batman and Superman stop fighting because Bruce has lost his parents and that allows him to empathise with Clark. That last point is a little flimsy but I like the symmetry and that opening sequence was probably my favourite in the entire film.


Why did they focus on the pearls, are they significant?

No, not really. It’s an homage to a comic book panel from Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns.

Batman pearls.jpg

Why was Batman dressed like a transformer?

He wasn’t a transformer Mum! There’s no way he would stand a chance against Superman otherwise! It’s also based on a famous suit from The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel, in which Superman and Batman face off.

BvS miller

Why was Kevin Costner back didn’t he die in a tornado?

Not sure really, think it was just a character moment for Clark to reflect on the man he wants to be. It also does the job of highlighting the importance of Lois to Clark, which may have some payoff in the future and I’ll get on to that later on.

Who are these extra characters? They’re not necessary

Good point Mum, they’re not necessary to this film. They’re retrospectively shoehorned in horribly and they don’t have any impact whatsoever in this film. However, DC are playing the long game here. In the scene were Wonder Woman is searching though Lex’s information on the meta-humans, (did he design their logos and give them their superhero names?) we get a glimpse of the Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg who all have solo films coming up and who are all members of the Justice League. The Justice League part one releases in 2017, with part two coming 2019. The Flash will be out 2017, Aquaman later on the same year with Cyborg’s solo outing coming 2020. The studio put these references in there to prepare you for the future slate of DC films coming our way over the next 5 or so years. But yeah, it wasn’t very well done and certainly had no impact on this story.

What was going on in those dream sequences?

Firstly, I’m not sure they are dreams as such. Rather, I think they are visions of the future and I’ll explain why I think this. I’ll start with the main one, the desert scene in which Batman is confronted by an army led by Superman, who seems to have broken bad. Before this though, something that Mum didn’t notice and I’m guessing a lot of other people didn’t either, was the giant omega sign in the sand Batman looks upon before the fighting breaks out. This is in reference to Darkseid, the big bad of the DC universe. This scene is also a nod to the Injustice video game by DC comics where, in an alternate universe, Superman has gone bad and basically rules the world .

I believe this scene to be a glimpse into a possible future where Superman has succumbed to evil. There may be some alternate reality, time travel stuff going on here, which will hopefully become clear in the Justice League film. There is then the immediate follow-up scene to this ‘dream’ sequence where the Flash appears to Bruce and warns him about Superman by saying “you were right about him” and “Lois is the key” and something about “finding us”, in reference to the other members of the Justice League. Now, it’s highly likely that the Flash has come from the same future as this Knightmare sequence, as they are calling it, but he says he’s come back too early. Which is why neither Bruce nor we have any idea what’s going on. Did Flash show him that glimpse of the future on purpose? It’s obviously a set-up for Justice League film. Maybe we’ll get to see Superman resurrected but possibly under the control of Darkseid and Lois is the key to ‘snapping him out of it’ as it were. Perhaps the Flash is from this future and it travelling back in time to prevent it from happening, who knows.

So, I think it’s a scene which is going to have a big payoff in Justice League.

Empire's Knightmare Screenshot just got posted in HD - Imgur

Who was Lex Luthor talking about at the end?

Lex Luthor was talking about the aforementioned Darkseid, with whom he appears to have been communicating with. We can now pretty much confirm this thanks to a deleted scene Warner Bros released last week. So, again it’s another Justice League set-up.

Batman v Superman does certainly leave us with a good many questions which hopefully will be answered in the Justice League film next year because they certainly weren’t relevant to this film and left people confused. 

If you’d like to read more BvS, you can read our review here! 


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