Batfleck solo film? Count me in

Rumours are that Ben Affleck, pretty sure he prefers Batfleck though, has written his very own solo Batman movie according to The Hollywood Reporter

Batfleck is apparently signed on to do the two Justice League movies at the moment. But DC and Warner Bros would be stupid not to tie him down to sign a lucrative new contract to do a series of Batman films considering that he’s the best thing in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. On a side note, we’re also pretty sure he’s got a cameo in this summer’s Suicide Squad (sorry, Skwad). See him below taking a ride on the Joker-mobile.


The rumours are that the film will be based on the Under the Hood Batman arc written by Judd Winick. The arc was notable for bringing back to life Jason Todd (Robin #2) who was brutally killed by the Joker in the A Death in the Family arc. Todd comes back as the Red Hood, a title formerly used by The Joker, before his Joker years. It could be an interesting way to delve deeper into the history of this version of Batman and his past encounters with Jared Leto’s Joker.

What evidence in BvS is there for this story? We known someone (probably a version of Robin) has died and the Joker is taunting Batman about it. Probably because he killed him. It sounds a lot like Death in the Family.


Given Ben Affleck’s recent exploits behind the camera, he won an Oscar for Argo, in addition to his brilliant portrayal as the Caped Crusader, giving him control of a solo Batman adventure could be a masterstroke. Count me in.



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